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Artist of the Month


David Simpson was born in Baltimore, Maryland, served in the military and graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art. David opened his photography studio and quickly began receiving national and international attention with major clients and awards for the next 20 years. David then began a new challenge, film. As a commercial director, he worked in NY, Toronto, Chicago, Texas, Vancouver, and Italy keeping him busy and traveling for the next 25 years. In 2006 it was finally time to pick up the camera again, this time a digital model, it was time to work for himself. David created his first photography book in 2009 Loch Raven, followed by Glass House of Dreams in 2012, The Swan at Lake Raven 2014, and his current Impressions of an Island. David uses light like an impressionistic painter to reveal the ever changing beauty, colors and serenity of natural settings. His work can be viewed at: